I am a PhD student in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University.


My research is situated within social studies of data analysis – at the intersection of Information Science (IS), Computer Science (CS), and Science & Technology Studies (STS). I study how people understand, interpret, organize, analyze, and visualize datasets with and through computational algorithms and specialized, often statistical, techniques.


In my work, I ask questions such as: What forms of human work constitute data analyses? How do we and should we evaluate and contextualize data analytic results? How can we know when data analysis has or hasn’t worked? How can we better communicate data analytic results and processes to experts and non-experts alike? How can we build better systems to identify and accommodate a more human-centric view of data analysis?


Research Interests: Social Studies of Data Analysis, Critical Data Studies, Critical Design, Machine Learning, Digital Humanities, UI & UX Design and Research, and Data Visualizations.

  • Ph.D. Ongoing

    Information Science

    Cornell University, USA

  • M.Sc. Research


    Maastricht University, NL

  • B.Tech.

    ICT Engineering

    DA-IICT, India

Bits & Bytes

A Wall Street Journal piece on how a computer science professor at Georgia Institute of Technology used IBM’s Watson as a teaching assistant in the classroom.

A comprehensive bibliography of critical algorithm studies compiled by Tarleton Gillespie and Nick Seaver.

An online data-based game – Collapse – that shows you how soon the world would end if you got infected with a virus.