I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University with a minor in Science & Technology Studies.


I study how data scientists approach, organize, analyze, and visualize the world with and through data structures, computational algorithms, and statistical techniques. In my work, I am particularly interested in the oft-invisible and under-articulated forms of human work constituting data science learning, research, and practice. I ask questions such as: what forms of human and technical work constitute data science, how do data scientists situate and evaluate data science results to make them meaningful in computational, business, and social contexts, etc. I study such question ethnographically in the context of data science learning environments as well as corporate data science teams.


Research Interests: Critical Data Studies, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Science Learning and Professionalization, Sociology of Algorithms, Data Visualization, Visual Studies, and Digital Humanities.

  • Ph.D. (Ongoing)

    Information Science

    Cornell University, USA

  • M.Sc. Research

    Science & Technology Studies

    Maastricht University, NL

  • B.Tech.

    Information & Communication Technology

    DA-IICT, India

Recent Updates

  •    I am currently working as a data scientist (intern) at a mid-size (2.5k-5k employees) online e-commerce and media company on the US West Coast, simultaneously conducting ethnographic research on corporate data science practices. (June 2017).
  •    My CSCW 2017 Best Paper on Data Vision with co-author Steve Jackson got a write-up at Cornell University’s Department of Information Science’s webpage. Here is the link. (April, 2017)