‘Slide to Unlock?’ - Mobile Convergence and Collapsing Contexts

Best Presentation AwardResearch Presentation
Samir Passi
Presentation in the Excellence in InterNet Science (EINS) workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland. (Best Presentation Award)
Publication year: 2012

Talk Abstract:

This presentation will highlight privacy issues raised by increasing access to social networks made possible by various mobile applications. I will focus on the unintended consequences of the ability of third-party apps to interact not only with the online databases and services of social networks but also with a user’s personal data within the mobile device itself. Although such apps can be regulated on standardized app-stores provided by Google or Apple, the ease of working with social and mobile platforms makes it increasingly difficult to manage and govern the intentionality of the large number of mobile apps that are developed each day. Social networks and mobile devices have now become ubiquitous tools that are used by individuals to manage their everyday lives and mobile app development has become a substantial market in itself. In such a scenario, it is imperative to examine the implications of the ability of third-party applications to facilitate the large scale convergence of user information in ways that are quite novel and non-traditional. In a time when ‘privacy as contextual integrity’ and ‘privacy by design’ are issues that are featured prominently on the societal agenda, this presentation will provide insights into questions such as what contextual integrity translates to for the increasingly ubiquitous mobile medium or what must we know before we start designing privacy into mobile apps and social platforms?